Sponsorship Opportunities

Nightlock has qualified for Nationals – the peak of U.S. competition – in all of its three years of existence, placing 10th, 9th, and 8th out of 16 teams, respectively. Our placement in the top 8 at this past year’s National Championship tournament has earned us a spot in the Pro Flight of the USAU Triple Crown Tour. We have achieved this success despite having to pay all costs related to our uniforms, equipment, practice fields, athletic training, medical expenses, tournament fields, and cross-country travel (including tournaments in Georgia, Virginia, Colorado, and Texas) out of pocket. Nightlock is seeking donors and sponsors to help defray some of these expenses and so we can aim for even greater success. We don’t see your assistance as a one way street. Ultimate is an extremely fast-growing sport, and we are an already successful and rapidly improving team. We are happy to proudly recognize Nightlock supporters through our website, Facebook page, Twitter account, and YouTube page; on our uniforms, warm-up, or travel gear; or at in-person events such as clinics or talks at companies, organizations, or schools. The Nightlock values are growth, respect, intensity, and team (GRIT), and we hope that you’ll be proud to partner with us in fostering them.

If you’re interested in partnering with Nightlock, whether as a donor or a sponsor, please contact us at [email protected].
Nightlock team picture from Chesapeake 2014

Orange Kettlebell Club – North:

We’re pleased to introduce our newest sponsor, OKC North, which is a local gym in Berkeley that will be supporting us in training and getting strong for our 2015 season! OKC North is the headquarters (or “secret lair”, as we’re told) for the bigger organization of OKC, which promotes kettlebell sport, puts on competitions in the US and Japan, and does training certifications all over.